We now have a peertube instance at videos.campdarling.com.

It iss like a self-hosted youtube. We are hosting many videos of our property. It is also a ActivityPub service.

We plan to use this pond for raising fish and Aquaponics. It sits about 25 feet lower then our greenhouse.

We are looking for fish to stock for the 2022 season.

Are you looking to become free again? We have a 120 acre paradise that we want to share.

Now entertaining applications for a intentional community at Camp Darling.

As we are newly forming, we have not yet decided on a structure.

If you are interested in joining the conversation, please send a note to ic@campdarling.com.

This is our middle pond. It was setup with sand to have a beach to enter the water. Need to do quite a bit of cleanup on vegetation.

Welcome to our NEW CampDarling.com.

If you did not know already, we have changed to Mastodon for our property website.

If you are a past guest or would like to become one, please feel free to signup to join in the conversation.

You may also follow us with an account from any service that uses ActivityPub.


This server is all about Camp Darling. If you have stayed as a guest, or would one day like to, please feel free to register an account.